How BBB Can Help You Build Trust In Your Business

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  • How to increase your online exposure
  • Best practices and tips from other BBB Accredited Businesses
  • How to win that contract or sell against your competitor

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Be More Trustworthy

Whether you’re a large multi-national organization or a one-person company, BBB Accreditation will help you influence your customers and prospects—showing them you are a business they can trust.

Advantages of BBB Accreditation

Highly Influential

More than 90% of consumers recognize the BBB logo and what it stands for. When they see it attached to your brand, they know you are a business they can trust.

Competitive Edge

BBB Accreditation gives you the business advantage you need to win a contract or job or attract new customers.

Increased Exposure

Every BBB Accredited Business is listed in the BBB's online business directory, which helps increase your online exposure.

Exclusive Network

Being accredited puts you in an elite group of businesses that have proven to be the best in their industry.

Building on Trust

You will be able to take advantage of many powerful tools, designed specifically for Accredited Businesses, that drive consumers to your door through the BBB's online Business Directory, Request-a-Quote program, and other helpful tools.

Personal Attention

The BBB offers monthly newsletters, and other resources to help you excel and be the type of business consumers are after.

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  • “Our accreditation gives our customers that assurance that they’re going to a place that is trustworthy and is going to treat them right.”

    Justing Grohnke

    Beggars Pizza

  • “Being Accredited really instills that trust with our customers that we are there to help them, especially during times of environmental crisis”

    Rick Vines

    Vines Plumbing

  • “Having that sign on the door that shows our customers that we are an Accredited Business gives them the confidence that we can perform the repairs and that we're going to be honest and upfront.”

    Scott Schaefer

    Schaefer Autobody